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125 - 135 Freston Road, General Specification



1.0               Accommodation


1.1        Lettable Areas                           sq m                 sq ft


Third Floor                                               483                          5200

Second Floor                                           747                          8040

First Floor                                                747                          8040       

Ground Floor                                           647                          6965

Basement                                                133                          1430


Total                                                        2757                        29675



2.0               Structure


2.1               Ground Floor to Third Floor

The primary structure will comprise a reinforced concrete frame with floor slabs free of downstand beams. Mid-span columns will be circular in plan. Perimeter columns will in general be concealed within the depth of external walls. At the Freston Road / Evesham Street corner the perimeter columns will be circular in plan and expressed externally at ground floor level and internally at first and second floors. The top floor slab (third floor Freston Rd, second floor Evesham St) has been designed to enable mezzanine platforms to be constructed in the future.


2.2               Roof

The roof structure will be steel frame construction supported on circular steel columns off the third floor slab, with the circular columns expressed behind the east and west facades. The steel roof beams will be curved to create an aerofoil shape roof profile


2.3               Basement

The basement will have reinforced concrete perimeter retaining walls and externally applied waterproof tanking.


2.4               Cores

The main core will be of reinforced concrete construction including the main staircase and lift shafts. The escape staircase will also be of reinforced concrete construction.


2.5               Design Loadings

Generally the suspended concrete floor slabs have been designed for an imposed load of 2.5 + 1.0 kN/m2, which equates to office use. The basement slab has been designed for a higher load of 4.0 + 1.0kN/m2.



3.0               Building Envelope


3.1               Walls

The external walls will have a half brick thick outer leaf with bucket handle pointing, fully insulated cavity and 150mm thick blockwork innerleaf with plaster finish.


3.2               Windows

Thermally broken, powder coated, high performance double glazed, aluminium windows, openable for ventilation and cleaning will be installed. Window openings in brickwork will have Welsh slate cills. Strip windows at third floor level will have Portland cast stone copings.



3.3               Curtain Walling

Thermally broken, powder coated, high performance double glazed, aluminium curtain walling will be installed above the main entrance and to the main stair. Curtain walling will also be installed to the south elevation at third floor level with double doors opening to a south-facing terrace.


3.4               Roof

The roof will be finished in standing seam stainless steel. It will be highly insulated, with a curved painted and plastered suspended ceiling. Gutters will be fabricated from aluminium and have a powder coated finish.


3.5               Canopy

A large curved oversailing cantilevered canopy will be installed over the main entrance. This will be finished in powder coated aluminium.


3.6               U-Value

The overall U-value of the building fabric will satisfy Part L of the Building Regulations.



4.0               Internal Finishes


4.1               Offices

Offices will have painted, plastered walls and raised access floors ready to receive finish. Soffits will be painted concrete generally, except for the top floor, which will have a curved, painted and plastered suspended ceiling. Doors to offices will be beech veneered with satin stainless steel ironmongery. Doors to riser cupboards will be flush painted.


4.2               Reception

The reception will have painted plastered walls, Guido blue limestone flooring and a painted, plastered, suspended ceiling. The reception desk will be designed to complement the other finishes. Behind the reception desk will be set in mirrors with recessed downlighters highlighting a slate shelf. A tenant’s signboard will also be provided.


4.3               Circulation Areas

Lobbies and stairs will have painted plastered walls, Marmoleum Dual sheet flooring with integral skirting and painted plastered suspended ceiling.


4.4               Toilets

The toilets will have full height tiling to walls, non-slip sheet flooring, Thrislington full height cubicles and vanity units with mirrors. Sanitary ware will be Twyfords Galerie and Avalon vitrified type. Taps will be Twyfords lever action spray mixer type.


4.5               Restaurant

Painted plastered walls, raised access floor, painted concrete soffit and secure glazing to frontage. Ductway for extraction will be provided for tenant’s connection.



5.0               Electrical Services


5.1               Incoming Supply and Main Distribution

The incoming electrical supply to the building shall be derived from a new London Electricity sub-station located in the car park.

A London Electricity metered three phase low voltage service shall terminate within the main switchboard located within the basement switchroom, from which supplies will be installed to the Tenant’s distribution boards, Landlord’s distribution boards, mechanical plant and the lift installations. All sub-meters shall be located within the main switchboard.




5.2               Sub-Main Distribution

Sub-main cables shall be installed on cable trays within the electrical risers to serve various distribution boards and equipment.

At each tenant’s supply position a metal clad MCB distribution board will be provided to independently serve all lighting, power, fan coil and VRV outdoor unit supplies for each office floor area. Each service is separately metered in the main switchroom.


5.3               Power Installation

Low voltage distribution provided to the tenant’s distribution boards for future floor fit out by tenants. Supply allowance 25 W/m2. Cleaner’s sockets shall be provided in walls.


5.4               Lighting Installation

Low voltage distribution provided to the tenant’s distribution boards for future floor fit out by tenants. Supply allowance 12 W/m2.

Lighting to landlord’s areas will harmonise and complement the architectural treatment and finishes. High quality lighting will be provided to the reception and core areas.

External lighting will be provided to the perimeter of the building, service / parking yard and civic space in front of building. Feature external uplighting will be provided at third floor level.                       


5.5               Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting will be provided to landlord areas to comply with relevant British Standards. Emergency lighting will be incorporated within the general lighting luminaires.


5.6               Fire Alarm Installation

The fire alarm system is designed to comply with relevant British Standards. The complete office building and ancillary areas will include a fully addressable fire detection and alarm system with active control links to shut down mechanical plant and services. The main control panel in the reception will be linked to a central station for remote monitoring of the system.


5.7               Communications Installation

Cable ducts will be installed into the basement for incoming telephone lines and other communications cables. Cable trays will be provided between the basement intake locations and the tenant’s supply position at each floor level for communications cabling.


5.8               Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm system will be provided to the landlord’s areas with movement detectors located in the reception and lift / stair lobbies along with door contacts to the main entrance and service entrance doors. When set, alarm facilities will be provided to a central alarm station.


5.9               Access Control

A video entry system will be provided to the main entrance doors with wiring to outlets within each tenant’s supply position to allow for additional monitor / intercom receiver stations at each office area. A separate video entry system shall be provided between the rear entrance and the reception. The main entrance and rear doors will be provided with electro-magnetic locks to allow for remote release.


5.10            CCTV

CCTV cameras will be provided to cover the perimeter of the building and car park / service yard. The cameras shall be of the day/night type suitable for low lighting levels. The CCTV cameras shall be linked to a monitor, multiplexer and 72 hour time lapse VCR located in the reception.


5.11            Lightning Protection

A lightning protection system will be provided to comply with relevant British Standards.


5.12            Lifts

The lifts will serve the basement to third floor. Two 8 person, 630kg ‘machine room less’ electric traction lifts will be provided with a plan area of 1100mm x 1400mm. The speed of the lifts will be 1.0m/s. Clear openings will be 900mm x 2000mm. Height of the lift internally is 2200mm. The average interval of lift departure at ground floor during peak times will be 24 seconds. The lifts will have the capacity to transport the disabled. The lift car keypads are programmable to restrict access to floors if required.





6.0               Mechanical Services


6.1               Comfort Cooling

Each of the office areas from basement to third floor will be provided with both heating and cooling via energy efficient ‘state of the art’ VRF (variable refrigerant flow) heat pump system. In each tenant area a control panel will be provided, from where remote operation of the room conditioners can be made, together with status monitoring of each item of equipment.

The refrigerant in the  VRF system will be R 407C, which is ozone friendly, having a zero depletion factor and conforms to current good practice.

The above comprises a ‘Mitsubishi R2’ system and room temperature control is provided by ‘BC’ controllers which allow ‘simultaneous’ heating or cooling from the individual room conditioners – this will minimise the need for tenant modifications if the floor plate is cellularised.

Heating to toilet areas and stairwells is via conventional gas fired boiler and radiators. In the reception area this plant also serves a ceiling void convector and associated grillage.


6.2               Ventilation

Trickle vents accommodated in the window heads provide passive ventilation to the office floor plates. This will provide cross flow ventilation throughout the year resulting in reduced operating costs compared to that of a mechanical ventilation system.

To all toilet areas a conventional twin fan extract system is provided incorporating automatic start-up of the ‘standby fan’ in the event of ‘duty fan’ failure.

Ventilation ductwork for the café / restaurant will be installed for tenants use. This ductwork extends from the service riser at ground floor and terminates with a weather louvre in the ‘conning tower’ wall. This will substantially reduce the cost and disruption of subsequent fitting out by the tenant.


6.3               Hot and Cold Water Services

Domestic hot water for the toilet areas is via an indirect storage calorifier, located in the basement boiler room. The system is mains fed and a secondary circulation pump is installed to comply with good practice. Cold water to all sanitary appliances is directly via the incoming mains supply. A capped drinking water supply is provided in the tenant’s service riser at each floor.


6.4               Gas Service

A gas service is installed to serve the basement boiler plant all to current regulations. This supply may also be used to service the café / restaurant but will require independent metering if separately let.


6.5               Dry Risers

A fixed fire fighting system comprising dry risers and associated landing valves is installed to comply with local authority requirements.


6.6               Sanitary Plumbing

A sanitary plumbing system to all current codes of practice is installed. This system incorporates a separate arrangement for the café / restaurant. In each of the tenant’s service risers a foul drainage stack with a capped branch is provided for tenant connections.


6.7               Design Criteria

External Design Conditions

Summer:                  +28 deg.C dry bulb                  +21 deg.C wet bulb

Winter:                     -3 deg.C saturated


Internal Design Conditions

Summer:                  +22 deg.C dry bulb                  +1 deg.C wet bulb

Winter:                     +21 deg.C saturated               +/- 1 deg.C

Relative Humidity     30%-60% (no humidity control)


Internal Heat Gains

For the comfort cooled areas the following heat gains have been allowed:

Lighting:                   15W/m2

Small Power:           25W/m2

Occupancy:            10W/m2

(Based on occupancy of 1 person / 10m2)


Ventilation Rates

Comfort cooled areas:

Offices 8 to12 litres / second / person based on an occupancy of 1 person / 10m2 and passive ventilation air change rate of 1.0 to 1.5 air changes / hour.



Mechanical services plant and equipment has been selected to limit the noise level generated from any grille diffuser or other radiating surface when measured at a distance of 3m:

Open Office Accommodation:                 NR35 (with A/C units at low speed)

Private Office Accommodation:              NR35 (with A/C units at low speed)

Reception:                                               NR40

Toilets:                                                     NR40

Escape Stairs:                                         NR45



7.0               Disabled Users


7.1        The building has level thresholds, lifts to all floors and designated disabled toilets, enabling the building to be fully accessible by the disabled.



8.0               Tenants and Provisions


8.1               Kitchenettes

Services to allow installation of a kitchenette by tenants will be provided at each office floor.


8.2               Riser Ducts

Riser ducts with capped off services will be provided to every office floor.


8.3               Ceilings

With the exception of the top floor which has a feature profiled soffit, the occupier may choose either to leave the flat painted concrete soffits exposed or to install a suspended ceiling. Each office floor has generous floor to soffit heights of approximately 3.25m. The third floor has almost 4.5m to the crown of the roof profile.


8.4               Raised Access Floor

A 150mm high overall (110mm below) raised access floor will be installed throughout lettable areas with the exception of the 3rd floor which will have a 225mm high overall (185mm below) raised access floor.



9.0               External Landscaping


The courtyard will be landscaped and planted to a high specification. There will be new planting and street furniture to the civic space in front of the building with pedestrian friendly lighting.



10.0            Disclaimer

This specification is set out for guidance only. Best endeavours have been used to ensure the information given is correct but the developer reserves the right to alter and amend any item described within the specification.